Pregnancy Fitness Guide & Workouts

Functional workouts to STAY IN SHAPE, FEEL STRONG, & strengthen and prepare your body for labor & motherhood! With the program, you will get a printable PDF (available in the "resources" section) that outlines: -Recommended sets and repetitions for each move based on your level, and direction on how to gauge intensity -Modifications based on physiological changes of pregnancy -Workout Session outline with Core Activations, Dynamic Warm Up, the Workout, Labor Practice Breathing, & Gentle Stretching -Core Activations and Pelvic Floor Exercises to proactively protect and keep those areas strong, minimizing the potential to develop Diastasis Recti as much as possible. These also help regain strength in the postpartum period! -New Motherhood Daily Activities Workout – a bonus workout designed specifically to practice moves you will do every single day as a new mother, so you can be as strong and prepared as possible & more!